What's a Quincy Peep?

If you grew up in Quincy, California, and no longer live in Quincy, if you grew up in Quincy and still live in Quincy or you are a recent transplant to Quincy, and you love Quincy... YOU ARE A QUINCY PEEP!

Join the Quincy Peeps Facebook Group Page.

The purpose of our original Facebook group is to reconnect with old pals and continue the bond with Quincy. We have succeeded in that, crossing many generations. The purpose of our website is to be an extension of our Facebook group and try to compile as much as we can in one place. We also hope you will be inspired to return to Quincy to enjoy its beauty and support the local businesses. If you are a Quincy Peep and you're not already on our Facebook page, please join us by clicking the Facebook icon at the bottom right of the page.

Come back often to see updates, view yearbooks, view videos of the downtown Quincy parade, among many, many other things yet to come!

Deb H.

Mark Your Calendars


Every year, fair week becomes a week-long, multi-generational Quincy reunion which sometimes includes Q Peeps participating in the parade, but always a get-together at the park after the parade, music jams and much more. Don't miss out seeing everyone!

Main Street
Quincy, California


Watch BEAUTIFULLY DONE video of Quincy: Quincy YouTube video by Carrie Hawthorne

View more Quincy videos on Carrie's You Tube Channel.

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